Jana Sedivy, owner of Authentic Insight, represents the voice of your customers at your boardroom table.  She turns insights from customers into actionable data so that your business can prioritize product investment with confidence.


Specializing in large complex software products, Jana uses a data centered approach to customer insights and works closely with the product manager and their teams throughout the process. She uses qualitative methods (ethnography, in-depth interviews, focus groups, usability testing)  and quantitative methods (online surveys, data mining) to uncover unmet customer needs, understand how the new technology plays into users' current patterns of work, and evaluate the product's current performance in the hands of customers. Jana has over 10 years experience helping organizations understand their customers better. She holds a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from the University of London,  holds 17 technology patents and has 11 peer-reviewed publications.  She is also a contributor to the user experience trade journal UXBooth.